10 Days Yoga Retreat – Costa Rica – 30th January to 8th February 2019



This is a 10 days yoga retreat in a little paradise, in one of the most beautiful countries there is.

We’ll stay at beautiful Casa Zen Guesthouse & Yoga Center, just by the beach! Visit their homepage for more info: www.zencostarica.com

Our focus for this retreat is your individual practice. We only have 10 spots available so we can give each and every one of you individual attention. We will look at your asana technique all the way to the nitty gritties for you do learn the tools to evolve in a safe and kind pace, according to your own conditions.

We hand you the tools, you do the work.

We will work with hatha yoga, meditation, pranayama and mantra chanting.

Your teachers will be Victoria Carp and Jenna Svensson. You can read more about us further down!

The days will look somewhat like this (with reservations for some minor changes):

    • Morning meditation/pranayama
    • Morning asana practice
    • Breakfast
    • Free time/activity
  • Evening asana practice

Participants will get the detailed schedule on site.

My heart is in the game. (kopia)

With a strong belief in using the body intensely as a tool to peel off layers and filters to come closer to yourself, I offer strong, dynamic flows with as much focus on proper technique and alignment as on awareness, humility, playfulness and humour.

My goal is to keep you on the edge of your comfort zone throughout the class, and make you curious to explore that edge and experience the magic that happens there.

Yoga to me is not only a passion, but a way of life I am forever grateful to have had the honour to live. It is challenging, hard,
frustrating and scary for sure, 
but the love and joy that comes from it makes it worth every struggle.

I have 500 hr of YTT; in traditional hatha yoga/vinyasa krama, ashtanga vinyasa and yin yoga with Ayurvedic focus.

I’ve studied with teachers such as Luisa Sears, Stefano Allegri, Kristina Karitinou and Lisa Lahlér (current teacher).

To see more of what I do, follow me on social media:

Instagram: @hellcatsyoga

Facebook: HellcatsYoga

Kopia av My heart is in the game.I teach a playful style of Vinyasa flow, where you will be given the time to turn your eyes inwards and respond to your bodys natural impulses.

I want the practice to feel like you are creating your own piece of art, based on the precondition of your own body, with a lot of focus on how to keep the mind as soft as the movement.

Look forward to creativity, playfulness and intuition in my classes.

I’ve been studying with teachers such as Gregor & Tracy Cooper, Amanda Stead and Lisa Lalher (current teacher).

Today I’m running the small and intimate studio Tallkrogens Yoga

Social media:

Instagram: @jennamalinyoga and @tallkrogensyoga

Facebook: Tallkrogens Yoga

10 days yoga retreat

Packages and Prices

We offer 3 different packages for you to choose from; from a base package with the essentials, to a boom shakalak package containing basically everything to get a Full-On experience from this amazing paradise we’re gonna enjoy!

NOTE: packages does not include travel to and from Costa Rica or Santa Teresa! Check out the “travel to Costa Rica” tab for all the info on how to get there, and the “good-to-knows”.

Prices are in Swedish Krona, if you’d like the price in another currency, hit us up with a message and we’ll gladly help you out (or check yourself through a converter such as www.xe.com). Note that prices in other currencies can change according to daily rates.

We will share rooms (dormitory), but for anyone who’d like a private room, that can be arranged for an additional fee 1.900:-SEK/person.

Package 1

    • 10 nights in a dormitory
    • Breakfast
  • 2x Yoga Classes/day


Package 2

    • 10 nights in a dormitory
    • Breakfast
  • 2x Yoga Classes/day

Also includes:

    • 3 surf lessons (rental surfboard included)
  • 1 activity, choices are: 1 day trip to Tortuga Island, 1 day ATV tour or a day at Curu National Park. You do not have to decide now, no stress!


Package 3

    • 10 nights in a dormitory
    • Breakfast
  • 2x Yoga Classes/day

Also includes:

  • 5 Surf Lessons (rental surfboard included)
  • 1 day trip to Tortuga Island
  • 1 day ATV tour
  • 1 day in Curu National Park

Namnlös design

We offer Instalments* (interest free!) for all packages so you can split your payment in two.

*The first half is to be paid within 14 working days after booking, and the second before the 30th of oktober 2018.

We also offer a Cancellation Protection* to an additional cost of 450:-SEK/person. In case of an unexpected event that prevents you to participate you will receive 80% of your money back.

*A request for a valid cancellation must be sent to us before the 16th of January 2019 through this e-mail adress info@tallkrogensyoga.com

1And don’t forget to keep scrolling to read more useful information about this beautiful event

A confirmation note with attached invoice will be sent shortly to the above e-mail address!

Travel to Costa Rica and Santa Teresa

First of all, when you’ve booked your spot at the retreat, we will add you in a private Facebook group where you guys can connect before the retreat. You can also synchronise your trip, and keep each other travel company!

It’s a fun and safe way to travel, and can also get cheeper if you for instance share rooms at hostel/hotels (read more below).

You’ll have to fly to San José in Costa Rica first, and then move on to Santa Teresa from there. Note that the airport in San José is called Alajuela, and has the code SJO. Be very attentive of this when booking, since there are more cities in the world that go by the name “San José”!

From Sweden:

You can travel both through Europe and the US. Usually, it’s a bit cheeper to fly through the US, but remember you in that case need an ESTA visa, and that you need to re-check in you luggage before catching the flight to Costa Rica.

Regardless if you fly through Europe or the US, you’ll need at least one lay over to change flight that will take you to San José in Costa Rica.

In the bottom of this page, we’ve provided you with some links to travel sites and such that we recommend for booking your trip!

To Santa Teresa from San José:

To get to Santa Teresa, you’ll need to take a ferry since Santa Teresa in on a peninsula. The ferry leaves from Puntarenas, which is about 1.5 hours car ride from San José. Then you get off at Paquera, and from there another approx 2 hours trip på Santa Teresa. The ferry ride is about 70 minutes.

In total, it’s a 5-6 hours trip, but it is truly beautiful!

To get to the ferry you can either take the bus from the Coca-Cola station, downtown in San José (this is the cheapest way, it costs only about 15 USD, ferry included!) or take a shuttle. A shuttle is a pre-booked taxi that you share with a smal group of travellers (often about 8 persons), that picks you up wherever you are in San José, and drops you off at Casa Zen in Santa Teresa. This costs 50 USD/person (ferry included).

The last ferry from Puntarenas usually leaves around 8 in the evening, so if your flight arrives too late for you to catch the ferry, you’ll need to spend one night in San José. There are a bunch of nice hostels and hotels just by the airport, we’ll list a few here below!

NOTE: San José is a big city, and being downtown in the evenings there where the Coca Cola station is located, is not recommended from a safety perspective.

You of course travel exactly how you wish, but we strongly recommend to take a shuttle to Santa Teresa.


If you decide to take the shuttle service to Santa Teresa (again: which we highly recommend), they will know exactly when to pick you up and make sure you’ll catch the ferry. It’s a very simple and smooth trip where they do the work and you just enjoy the trip.

We recommend Montezuma Expeditions, which you easily can book here: www.montezumaexpeditions.com

The bus:

If you decide to take the local bus, you can buy tickets at the airport, or in a ticket booth by the station. There are also other bus companies that you can use, see links below.

The flight:

So yes, there is also the alternative to fly from the airport in San José, to Tambor which is a little airport close to Santa Teresa. It only takes about one hour.

From there, you just catch a taxi the rest of the way to Casa Zen.

The prices variate, but it is of course a bit more pricy than the bus or the shuttle.

You book it like any other flight (see links below).






www.flysansa.com (domestic flight from SJO to Tambor in Costa Rica)

www.natureair.com (same as above)



There are a whole lot more, just google “shuttle from san josé to santa teresa” to see your alternatives. The reason we only link to Montezuma Expeditions is because that’s what we’ve used and have experience of. It has always worked out fine!




ESTA visa (if you’re traveling through the US):


Good to know about Costa Rica and Santa Teresa:

Like any other trip you’d do, we highly recommend to search for info on your own and get information about Costa Rica. We believe it’s important and respectful to at least know a bit of basics when visiting another country. 🙂

But here are some facts that we feel is very important to know before the trip:

* The currency in Costa Rica is called Colones. You can get by with US dollars as well as with Colones, it doesn’t matter for them, but make sure you check the current exchange rate to see what is best for you!

Make sure you have some US dollars on you when you land in San José, just to be sure. But there are ATM’s where you can take cash out at the airport, and exchange offices (these could be closed though, depending on when you arrive).

In Santa Teresa, cash is mostly king. There are two ATM’s in Santa Teresa, and a bank.

  • Costa Rica is HOT. In many ways, but now we’re talking about the weather. And the sun is very strong! Bring sunscreen (and no, SPF 10-15 will NOT be enough. We recommend at least 30), and lots of it!

With that said, you won’t be needing any warm clothes. The evenings are hot as well!

* Check you travel insurance! Remember this is not something that is included in the retreat.

  • Bring your own mat! There are mats there to borrow, but since we are deep diving into our practice, it would be better to have a good quality mat that you know you’re comfortable on.
  • Vegetarians/vegans; fear not! You will not have any difficulties indulging in great foods. There are a lot of restaurants and cafés for aaaaaaaall preferences. 🙂
  • Remember that you will be living in dorms, which means you are sharing both rooms and bathrooms. Have that in mind when you’re packing as well, to make it as easy as possible for both yourself and the people around you.
  • Invest in a converter for your electronics! Swedes will have to have a converter, since we don’t have the same outlets. If you’re from another country, you can check here if you need a converter: https://www.power-plugs-sockets.com/costa-rica/

We will of course go through more info on site, but these above are good to know in advance. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to ask us! With that said though, remember that looking up info on internet is easy, and will many times get you the answer faster than waiting for it to come from us. 😉